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How do I upgrade whatsapp on my android?

asked Oct 7, 2013 in Mobile Apps by Melly Guru (25,950 points)  
retagged Oct 7, 2013 by Melly
I received a notification on my android that my current whatsapp version has got three days left for it to expire and it needs to be upgraded. I then clicked where it is said “Upgrade now” and it failed to so. First time I noticed that the problem was that my Data Background was off and on the second time I was on but I still failed to upgrade. Each time my whatsapp expired I had to uninstall my older version and would start downloading and install newer versions.

What could be the problem? Is there any other way I can do it cheaper or easier?

commented Oct 18, 2013 by Mwana Washe Guru (25,620 points)  
Download it onto a pc then load to your mobile

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answered Nov 14, 2013 by ayastos Guru (32,340 points)  
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Visit http://whatsapp.com/dl and update ur app.
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answered Oct 7, 2013 by nagasaki Regular (1,960 points)  
log into Playstore.... search for whatsapp.... if there is an update, there will be an update button, if there's no update the button will be labeled "installed"
commented Oct 7, 2013 by robido Regular (1,880 points)  
moved Nov 14, 2013 by ayastos
Since you got the message inside the application and it gives you a deadline, you are probably nearing the end of your trial period.

"For all phone types, WhatsApp is free to download and try for the first year. After, you have the option of extending your subscription for $0.99 USD per year."  [see http://www.whatsapp.com/faq/general/23014681]

You now have to pay the 1USD to continue use. Some say if you Uninstall the app and ReInstall it, you get another 1year trial period.
commented Oct 11, 2013 by Amos MacDrops Guru (29,480 points)  
App store is failing to open on my phone. it keeps on loading even under wifi
commented Oct 31, 2013 by Melly Guru (25,950 points)  
great answer.
commented Oct 31, 2013 by Melly Guru (25,950 points)  
Thank you for the answer
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answered Oct 8, 2013 by Castro Guru (31,190 points)  
You can also download the latest whatsapp apk (file for Android) from http://www.whatsapp.com/android/current/WhatsApp.apk and use it to upgrade.
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answered Oct 18, 2013 by Mwana Washe Guru (25,620 points)  
get it straight form whatsapp.com you wont go wrong on latest version. also you can download it to pc then load to your mobile and save on your packet data.
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answered Jul 10, 2016 by Mbhele Paulinah  
I found noticed to upgraded so it dosnt want

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