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Is it possible to use up all the Telone's 10Gigs/month @256k??

asked Oct 9, 2013 in Broadband by tendyfish Expert (19,600 points)  
For those using the 10gig Telone adsl broadband package, may you kindly share your experiences in terms of data usage. As a moderate user who spends the day at work and only uses it at night, probably doing a download  at 256kbps for the whole night. Are you able to use up all the 10Gig, if so how long does it take , given the above mentioned usage pattern??


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answered Oct 9, 2013 by Castro Guru (31,190 points)  
Using that Telone's ADSL package you can download a maximum of 108Mbs per Hour. That is at maximum download... So i guess you can pretty much finish the 10Gbs in 92 HOURS!!!!! at maximum download speed of 256kb/s
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answered Oct 9, 2013 by macdonald.chipunza Guru (88,070 points)  
It doesnt take long to finish it if you dont extremely control your downloads.

Plus the speed is very very basic. You dont get 256k or anything near it. Its usually 20k to 30k if you are downloading from a well seeded torrent.

Skype is also not good. The video quality is very poor if the person starts moving.

Now having started using the silver 15gig package. I can say the speed is ok but nothing to sing about. Its suppose to 512k bt lm getting 60k.

There is improvement on skype but not what yu would expect for a silver service.

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