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I am interested to know whether Google uses something similar to Facebook's Edgerank alogarithm?

How does it screen the search results? Based on whether the content is recent? Is relevant based on my location and the location of the website that is posting the content? I kinda got a picture of how this works when it comes to my news feed on Facebook but would be interested to know if this is any relation to SEO and other such initiatives?

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Location should be one of the algorithms that they use.. Everytime i search the top results always have a Zimbabwean flavour.........
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The factors that Google considers are keywords in URL, Title, Text, Domain age,Number of visitors etc.It keeps updating the factors for page ranking. The companies that provide SEO also should update accordingly.If we get services from such a concerned company then we can definitely make SEO to be effective.I have used the SEV(Search Engine Visibility) from http://www.xnynz.com/search-engine/seo-services2.aspx?prog_id=456858&pl_id=456858 as they provide keyword and suggested topics,submit the site to over 100 search engines and also provide reports which eventually improved my website traffic.
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