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how do i check how legit a website is?

asked Oct 15, 2013 in Web by esthermusakwa Guru (26,520 points)  
i have been registered to a company that operates online,so would like to pay for a service they offer,how do i check if the company website is a genuine one


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answered Oct 15, 2013 by Amos MacDrops Guru (29,480 points)  
tzanswers answered me when i had a similar question. check it out here: http://answers.techzim.co.zw/10712/how-can-i-check-if-the-company-i-am-dealing-with-is-genuine
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answered Oct 16, 2013 by robido Regular (1,880 points)  
This is a list of quick checks:

URL - A quick look at the url will give you a rough idea if the site is legit, e.g.
 - Check for HTTPS (if making payments)
 - Check the spellings (cococola.com surely cannot be legit)

This is not conclusive, look for other red flags, like spelling mistakes or broken links on the site. Also do the check suggested by Amos.

You can also do a WhoIs  to check the owner of the domain. As an example, I  did a WhoIs using the following: http://whois.domaintools.com/cococola.com

>>to my surprise, the cococola.com example I used belongs to Coca Cola.
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answered Oct 22, 2013 by sahana new here (140 points)  
To know that site legit or not you can follow these methods given below:
You can read user reviews, problems, their quires, responses and rating about
the site in http://webutation.net

You can also do a whois search in the site  http://www.whoisxy.com/   and know the owner, technical, administrative contact details etc.. you can use the phone number or email id which you get in whois search and try to contact the person and clarify your doubts.

If the site has SSL certificate it is good site for transactions. SSL certificate enabled site looks like https://paypal.com.

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