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WeChat App not responding

Just downloaded the WeChat App bt I seem to have a problem signing up because evrytime I enter the verification code they sent mie it always says signing up unsuccessfull or somethingelse.@ first I thought it had smthn to do with the network bt its now three days I still can't sign up!HELP!
asked Oct 26, 2013 in Apps by aspindale new here (240 points)  


2 Answers

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Maybe try to download and restore again. I had a similar problem, sometimes the verification code takes its time.
answered Oct 27, 2013 by macdonald.chipunza Guru (82,350 points)  
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You can uninstall and reinstall it. If it doesn't work, you can change another phone to try to sign up, and see how what it will goes. If you have any WeChat history lost, you can try to use this tools to restore them. It's really helpful. http://www.imyfone.com/iphone-data-recovery/
answered Jan 6 by Aaron tang new here (520 points)