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i activated my econet mail account some few das ago but i have not been able to log in,i can not check my emails.my number is  0773 659 424.when i try to log in ,there is always an indication of error such as username not valid. i don't how i am going to receive my feedback since this is my only email address.if possible reply on my mobile that i may receive my feedback.
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9Got this from another question in this forum here is the answer to it :

It is quite simple. You simply dial *155# and activate your email box. This will then activate your phone number as your email address. You will then receive and SMS with your password. Please note that your password is always in CAPS. Once you have logged into the webmail you can change the password but note that if you forget your password you can simply dial *155# and reset it.

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For logging on to econetmail make sure you enter the full email address e.g yournumber@econetmail.com and then enter password. If you have forgotten there should be an on-screen prompt to send you a reset password...

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I dont have a passoword

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