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in Mobile Networks by Guru (26k points)
I am using Econet network and my young brother is using Telecel network, and each time I check time from both phones I notice the big difference of about five minutes always. I was expecting TO see the difference of seconds not five minutes. Telecel time is always ahead of Econet time.
My question is, why are they different if they are to provide similar services to the same market?

Where do they base their time settings?

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4 Answers

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by Guru (57.6k points)
most devices set there time from the network, however this normally can be manually overridden

also some devices can get there time from external sources (NTP Servers)

first double check the times on the devices are being set by the network

its very likely that one of the mobile network time servers is not being synchronised properly and hence the discrepancy

i should note that a time difference of more than 5 minutes between some devices (particularly servers and devices that logon to them) can cause major problems and prevent logins - so its important you always make sure your time is synchronised with the same source if possible
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Normaly IT devices download time from NTP servers over the internet. There are at least 5 core time servers on the internet which the rest of the world connects to to synchronise time over the internet. However sometmes if one of ur networks Root Servers is not able to connect to the internet to get the correct time then it will propagate wrong or unsynchronised time. this can also be caused by a misconfigured Root or Time Server too
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by Expert (16k points)
Wow, I had never notice before but you are right. Just checked my times - Telecel is about 6 Minutes off! And my decoder, laptop (synchronising with internet time) and econet phone are all within less than half a minute of each other. One would automatically assume that its Telecel who has the problem here.
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by Guru (29.5k points)
i doubt if my clock and your clock will be reading the  same and exact time.
by Expert (11.7k points)
They might not bu a 5 minute difference is huge. I also wondered about the same thing. Remember he is talking about how networks automatically updates your phone's clock.
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