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Viber (Viber Out)
Viber is now offering its users the access to the outside world, including family members or friends who may not be using the VoIP platform.
The feature is almost identical to Skype Out, letting Viber users dial non-Viber users’ phone numbers.
Below are the tips:
1.    How can one make a Viber Out call?
•    Open Viber
•    Enter your Viber Contact List
•    Tap the contact you would like to call
•    Select Viber Out

Users can also use Viber's keypad to dial the number they would like to call. Viber will then automatically place the call through Viber Out if the number they are dialing is a landline or a mobile line that is not a registered Viber number. If you do not have any Viber Out credit, you will be prompted to a purchase screen where you can check rates and make a purchase.
2.    What is meant by Viber Out credit?
For you to make a Viber Out call you require Viber Out credit. Purchasing is done through the application and payment is made through your app store.

From the More Options menu in the Viber application:

1.    Select Viber Out
2.    Select Buy Credit
3.    Choose the Credit Amount you would like the purchase. The amount will be displayed in your local currency. Transactions will be made in US dollars or euro.
4.    Follow the Payment Instructions displayed by your app store

Taxes are collected based on the applicable tax rules at the time you purchase your credit. Credit balance that is displayed in your account does not include tax.

3.    How much does Viber Out calls cost?

Viber Out’s low rates vary based on your call’s destination. For you to check all of your Viber Out activity, including call history and payments, you find them in the Viber Out menu. To check your charges and payment history:

•    Enter the More options menu in Viber
•    Select Viber Out
•    Select Learn more… at the bottom of the screen
•    From the Menu dropdown on the top right, select Viber Out
•    Begin typing the call destination country in the search field

4.    How do I check my Viber Out charges?

For you to check your charges and payment history:

1.    Enter the More options menu in Viber
2.    Select Viber Out
3.    Select Viber Out Payments (Android) or Payment History (iPhone)
4.    Select the month/year you wish to view
5.    You will be presented with:
•    Date of Viber Out credit purchase
•    Order number
•    Item type
•    Amount charged
•    Payment type

Advantages of Viber Out
•    User friendly
•    Calls are now made cheap
•    You can now call non viber users, which means you can now call even to landlines
Since it is a new thing it is still under the spotlight.

See more on Viber  Review here: http://goo.gl/xuzJWn
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