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I am using a G-TeL A707 android phone. Is it possible to make it a modem that i can use on my laptop?

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Try this simple method:
In Windows 7 & 8, switch on your computer and phone's bluetooth
>Go to Devices & Printers
> Click Add New Device
> Let your pc, find your device
> Once your device is found click and add it (follow the instructions)
> if the device's drivers drivers are succesfully installed, your phhone will appear under "Devices"

When you click (right click) on your device you should see something like this:
Model: Bluetooth Peripheral
Category : Phone, Modem; Input Device
Status : Online

if you don't see "Modem" in the device category, then that means your phone can not work as a modem.

Just beacause your phone can access the internet does not mean it can work as a modem. Check with the manufacturer if your phone can work as a modem.

To connect to the internet using your phone, right click it and select connect using > access point.
 If the connection is succesful, you're good to go. If it fails, retry again!
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Yes that is very possible,you can use the Bluetooth method connection or connect the computer with the USB code.

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