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HI. I am in desperate search for hacker groups so that i can widen my programming background and also to assist freely in open source software development. I have searched on google but it seems Zimbabwean programmers cant be found. So i need a group maybe where i can contribute and also get helped when im stuck.
Which sites can they be found

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3 Answers

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answered by Guru (31.2k points)
As far as i know there isnt one.. i also searced for that. Why dont we create such a group????.....Just asking!!!!!
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Sure what do you have in mind?
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Sure man, count me in!
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There are some dotted all over the web, one such is the Zimbabwe Web Developer's Association https://www.facebook.com/groups/410254179095276/455347747919252/
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answered by new here (480 points)
Highly doubt it, due to our limited resources here in Zimbabwe, I don't think such a group exists. And besides, cybercriminals are getting harsh sentences these. If you have a talent for hacking, become an ethical hacker.
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