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I need to access the advanced settings of my modem by httping into the modem's UI, but then the passwords admin, admintelone, telone,... don't seem to work. I need help on that one!

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532e uses
username : user
pass : user
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well that one doesn't really give me acess to those super advnaced settings.. I want to change it from PPPoe to Bridge!
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hi please help how do i change from bridge mode to pppoe? my huawei hg532 says there is no ppp connection
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answered by new here (420 points)
Username: admin
Password: admin
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I tried that one but it doesn't work! It's something different, It's just that I never really captured it when that Telone guy was setting up the whole thing!
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Hi. Did you come right with this?  I am trying to do the same.
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try admin and pw: @Hua1234
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Worked for me thank you - @vinylacoste
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S/N in ur modem-is the pass and username

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