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I know this will sound silly, but am failing to integrate Disquss commenting platform onto my Joomla sites. Its not only one site, anyone out there to offer a hand?
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3 Answers

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isnt there a plugin for that job? its dead easy
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You may already have tried this but here's the 'official' extension: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/5259/details
You basically need to install it. If you have already tried this, what exactly is the error/problem you're getting so far?
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Yeah, I certainly know a Joomla plugin called “SP Comments – Best Free Comments Plugin For Joomla” which you can get for free at http://nulledirectory.com/sp-comments-best-free-comments-plugin-for-joomla/ . You can use it to integrate disqus commenting system on your Joomla powered website. Give it a try.
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