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The themes, the software (audacity, LibreOffice, TextEditor,) looks like they're from the 19th Century, man I mean the interface doesn't look morden. Who on earth in his sane mind would enjoy such an ugly interface?

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Why is Ubuntu and everthing that comes with it so beautiful??
The themes, the software (audacity, LibreOffice, TextEditor,) looks like they're from the 22nd Century, man I mean the interface look so clean and functional! Who on earth in his sane mind wouldn't enjoy such an enlightened interface?

In other words, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And with linux, there are lots of distro's to look at if unity grinds your gears
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$ sudo apt-get autochoose bestanswer


You got a sense of humour buddie, hahaha. You've just made me smile, I ain't never smiled in ages. I've just tweaked my Ubuntu and it's looking beautiful..., but Libre Office need some improvements though!
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You don't have to use LibreOffice - you might try Kingsoft Office, which I use, and I think is really good.  There's Open Office too.
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I'll try Kingsoft, thanks
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Quick kingsoft link for the rest of us http://wps-community.org/
But I do think it is telling that you need the resources of a government or a corporation to pull off a decent challenge to Microsoft. The LibreOffice team and community have done a lot of good work with the resources they have, open source life aint easy!
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kkkkk, u so on point man, i guess this will deflate me as a geek, bite me, but i will never use open source.
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I'm "at" the Ubuntu Software Center deleting every junk that came pre-installed. More than 99% of the "software" is junk. The Ubuntu Software Developers should be ashamed of themselves. One of the guys here @TechZim admitted that even though he's a Linux fan boy, a lot needs to be done to make people enjoy using it.
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Unity is the BEST UI when it comes to linux!
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I agree with you, I've tried Gnome but it was the ugliset desktop environment I've ever seen. Cinnamom looks way better, but still doesn't look morden. Unity is cool, the dash looks morden, the problem is with the software, the developers need to redesign the UI, the icons and everything should not be cartoonish.
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Are you kidding me?! Unity, Gnome and KDe all make my heart warm and fuzzy a feeling that I hardily ever get from Windows.
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Unity, maybe not KDE worst of Gnome (the ugliest of them all), they ain't nothing on the Windows 8 Metro and desktop. .  None of the Linux Apps look morden, you need to admitt that. Anjuta, (lmfao, with that funny llama like cartoon) makes me think the app developers should be senile. Whenever I'm feeling blue I boot into Ubuntu, launch the dash and type Anjuta, and have a good laugh. The developers should try printing comic books for kids, they should be clowns in the first place.

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