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asked in Mobile by new here (120 points)
Which Bluetooth speaker will be compatible with my I Phone

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You should not have a problem pairing your phone with most bluetooth speakers, in fact, the options that work may be overwhelming. Just be sure to try the speakers out in-store or look up the compatibility of a specific model online. If you are in Zim, give Solution Center a call and hear what they have in store (04) 442 862-5 (keep a box of tissues close, some of the prices are eye-watering)
A wider selection advertised here http://www.classifieds.co.zw/index.php?a=19&c=1188&b[search_text]=bluetooth%20speaker&b[search_by_field]=all_fields&b[subcategories_also]=1&page=1
(copy the whole link address into your browsers address bar orjust go to www.classifieds.co.zw and make your own search)
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Bluetooth speakers are making our lives easier and fun. It allows hearing music and conversations at any place without the nuisance of connecting long wirings. Well before buying one you have to find the exact device that supports your gadget. As you have mentioned you are looking for iPhone then you can go with Bluetooth shower speakers available on http://abcotechbrand.com/browse-new-items which is compatible with IPhone or any other Bluetooth devices. Hope you will get best deal.
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