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Mr Kabweza, you and your team are always doing wonderful stuff here, would you be so kind as to investigate the shenanigans at ZOL? Their connection is only good the fist week you buy from them and the more you use it the more you realise you have been duped.

Please expose them and or get them to explain this throttling policy of theirs. Its commdndable that they have toll free support but whenever we call support we are just told the slow speeds are due to "upgrading" bla blah, and they dont have a specific date as to when the challenges will be solved

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I'm in Chisipite, connected to Pockets Hill base station (2,540MHz) and my connection seems to be back to normal last night after a week of nonsense. They seem to be on a new Alvarion platform (could be Dandemutande?)  and I'm now getting 0% packet loss and I was able to stream in full HD on YouTube after midnight last night (which I've never been able to do before). Been with them for 3 months.

I'm on the $59 package.
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lucky you bro
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Using the same Pockets station, except I have line of site to pockets from Borrowdale.  Same abysmal speeds.  ZOL would not pay Dandemutande either because Econet gives them access to their wimax platform.
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past 48hrs service seems to be back to normal. im on the $29 package.
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What device are you using with the 29 dollar package?
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"Please expose them" hahahahaha wakajaidzwa nababa Jukwa.

please wait for the upgrades to finish. if the service is too bad for your test, switch to a better provider. Don't waste time...
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hahahhahha, ungabva wandidaro here amana
commented by Expert (17.4k points)
hahahahahahahaha. Kutamba kwedu ka. Haizi horror manhingi . pdk Pidigu Dhii Kuseka
commented by Guru (88.1k points)
wakajaidzwa zvomene!! Kikikikiki
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kkkkkk, pakaipur mheni

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