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I had connected my phone to a friends pc to transfer some files when Mobogenie popped up and started doing its thing. Now, Mobogenie and I have a past (it came with 'friends' that clashed with some programs on a workmates computer and it's apk tried to download itself to my phone a few times without my consent) so i tried to kill its process. Couldn't find it in task manager so I just unplugged my phone. Problem is when I closed the window, a notification to the effect of 'app successfully installed' was on screen. I've checked a list of all the apps on my phone but I've just moved up from Gingerbread to Kit Kat so i have no idea what might be out of place. Did Mobogenie finally manage to get onto my phone? If so, what do I look for and how do I remove it.

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if u hev a rooted device then try to use an antivirus which manages apps. i use 360 Security and it can uninstall any application on the fone including system app only if it has root access. no app is hidden from this antivirus
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