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Before i moved to gtel i was using galaxy. Moved over to gtel. Got the A7000 and what a pleasure. It was easy to use and almost exactly like galaxy. Only problem i have with the phone is there are no safe covers (silicon or other) available besides one type which really sucked and got in the way and didn't help at all. My daughters sometimes played with my phone and them still being small would fall over and the phone go flying. So the screen broke and along with it all function of the bottom part of the phone. I am still to get it fixed. Now i have just got the xplora a750. Neat/smart looking phone but i am not happy with a few functions and don't know how to change it if at all it is possible! I have been online and they say to download other apps etc like Nova launcher prime, ultimate custom uccw, zooper widget, themer etc..

I have downloaded all of those and have promptly uninstalled. I didn't like what they had and it wasn't very user friendly. I would prefer just to have one launcher (the original one) on my phone but just need to know if and how to modify or change a few of their features.

For one, they don't have an app drawer or anything like that. All of the apps are on the home screen (Which i hate) So i have put everything into one folder on the home screen, as i have said, they can't be removed from the home screen. I was hoping that i could put the folder onto the dash. But i can't. So i have my home screen with one little folder stuck on it. How can i drag my folder and put it onto the dash (As use of an app drawer) i don't mind the folder, it works basically the same as an app drawer, i just need to be able to put it onto the dash, out of the way and use it as you would normally use an app drawer. I have downloaded an app drawer, but then again uninstalled it as the folder was still there and no use in having two items with the same thing and a folder still messing up my home screen.

Then the widget problem. I have my ray pro widget which i can access from the side of my screen, which is awesome! that functions properly. I then had my lovely clock widget to put onto the home screen, only problem is there is no function for widgets as you would normally find on other phones (Home the home screen down and the customization options would appear to choose apps to add to your home screen, or widgets etc. It doesn't have anything like that. So i can't put my widget clock on the home screen.

Then there is this infernal weather widget at the top of my home screen which is of absolutely no use to me and very annoying. It is where i would normally put my clock widget. It can't be removed or edited or uninstalled.

It's a really nice phone i guess. Doesn't have much in the way of themes and personalisation choice which is a let down from my a7000. I love the phone but hate some of the built in features. Any way you can help me with that?

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Any android phone is customizable,If I may ask how good are your computer skills?You could root your phone and install a customizable version of android.I have successfully done that on my G -Tel infinity S706.It came pre-installed with Android version 4.0.4 no official updates but now I m using Android 4.2.2.I was able to tweak everything from boot screen to themes.if you are still interested I can help you.Just reply on this thread and I will show you how
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I am so sorry it has been such a long time! I hadn't received anything via email to say that a comment was made. Looking now to see, I see there was.. I am good with computers.. Not a wiz though but better than the average Joe. Please if you could walk me through this process and tell.me all you can do and how to with this rooting business
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check xda forums on how you root your phone model.... Once rooted you can then enjoy custom Roms like CynogenMod, AOKP, AOSP etc.... There are tonnes of things that you can do to tweak your phone if its rooted.... Good luck.
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