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asked in Social Media by Expert (16.7k points)
Obat Aborsi is spamming the techzim answers webpage and the quickest way to alert the mods is to flag a post.  Now having flagged a few of his or her posts,  am told to many flags?

 I think its time for a moderator platform to be put in place to keep the site nice and tidy

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4 Answers

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answered by Expert (16k points)
Same thing also happened to me while I was trying to help flag the spam. I'm sure they have their reasons for the restriction - I would love to hear it.
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Just a guess, but maybe to avoid abuse? I'm sure there have been cases where a reporting system has been used to settle personal scores or harass/annoy another user (especially if only 1 user seems to be doing all the flagging). Getting human mods, especially on a smaller site like this, would probably work out better.
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A silly experiment: house H ouse h o u s e
Seems the word gets immediately redacted by the system! Wonder what the story is
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answered by Contributor (8k points)
I flagged Obat Aborsi today. Didn't have any problems doing it....
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answered by Guru (88.1k points)
The system auto adjust to spam flagging and reporting lm sure. The best way is to alert Soul Kabweza to adjust the settings
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