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I am a young professional mobile developer for android, blackberry,and IOS with a little bit of j2me now I am working for a reputable mobile development company in south Africa, my only question is I was exploring my options on coming back home so wanted to ask someone on the ground if now is a good time to come back home and look for a job or possibly start something(knowing the hussle with start ups)?

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Hie!I wld suggest that yu come as soon as yesterday.There is no good tym like now.Good fisherman fish in troubled waters!! Entrepreneurs lyk us will be waiting to make that project a success.With God nothing is impossible.
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I think you should.. You won't be the next Jan Koum but you will do some good.
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The question is are you happy were you are??
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i have a project i want someone like you , please give me your contact details
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jndhlovu54@gmail.com or whatsapp  +27843237003

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