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I need to go to internet using BIS of a blackberry on my laptops(toshiba,hp compaQ and sumsung)

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it's impossible to use BIS on laptops.

What you can use is the Blackberry device as a modem and access internet. You must have blackberry desktop software installed on your laptop(s) and a configured profile for your mobile provider.

1.)Open BDS > Go to Tools > Select Mobile Internet Settings
2.) Click Add > Type in Profile name e.g Orange Botswana / Econet
3.) Fill in access point details e.g internet.orange.co.bw and click save and then finally click ok
4.) Go to BDS and click on tools and select Start Mobile Internet.

NB: Your provider will bill standard data rates. BIS is only for Blackberry devices
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Thank you man.so tell whats. The name of the software
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Blackberry Desktop Software you can download it from http://us.blackberry.com/software/desktop.html

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