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Whatsapp Account Is Deactivate I want to Reactivate My Account

asked Jul 27, 2014 in Mobile Apps by Puneet Goyal  
recategorized Jul 27, 2014
I had taken new number 20 days before but yesterday I was make my new account on what’s app. Now am not able to use what’s app account due to “Your Phone number +91-8586868018 is no longer allowed to use our service” this error. Please let me know why this error is coming and if you need any verification please call me on my number +91-8586868018 or email me puneetgoyal780@gmail.com.


3 Answers

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answered Jul 29, 2014 by tzanswers Guru (87,750 points)  
From the WhatsApp website:

My WhatsApp account has been deactivated!

If you are unable to use WhatsApp and you are receiving the following message: “Your number ... is no longer allowed to use our service” this means that your WhatsApp account has been deactivated.

Note: If you don't see this message then you're probably experiencing a verification issue.

We deactivate accounts if we believe the account activity is in violation of our Terms of Service. Please review our Terms of Service to learn more about the appropriate uses of WhatsApp.

We cannot comment on the individual reasons of each account deactivation. However, specific actions such as the following may eventually result in your account becoming deactivated.

Sending ads or any other form of commercial solicitation.
Sending spam or unsolicited messages.
Submitting content (in the status, profile pictures or messages) that is in violation of our Terms of Service such as unlawful, obscene, threatening, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive or any other inappropriate material.
Being annoying to other users.
Being a repeat infringer.
Using an automated system or an unauthorized / unofficial client application to send messages through WhatsApp.
Please be aware that we may not issue a warning before deactivating your account. If you think your account was deactivated by mistake you can email us and we will look into your case.

72 hours after your account has been been deactivated, your friends will no longer be able to see you in their Favorites lists.

Please note that WhatsApp reserves the right to refuse service for any reason without prior notice, at our sole discretion.

commented Aug 8, 2014 by anonymous  
I want to Deactivate my line from whatsapp please ! The reason is to save my relationship, and my numbers are ; 08115658432,08097730644. Please i will be greatful. From Festus M.
commented Sep 8, 2014 by padsumbiya chirag  
pls my account are deactivate so help this problem and same number so how to reactive this number
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answered Jan 31, 2017 by ayoub  
You try to download latest update and try to connect a new one.

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answered Sep 4, 2017 by M Aamir  
I want to Reactivate My Account

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