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I am an aspiring marketer and I have been trying to find courses in Zimbabwe that teach social media marketing, digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation but unfortunately the closest courses I have found are in JHB.  Are you aware of any companies offering these courses in Zimbabwe at all?

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I think I remember http://www.socialme.co.zw/ hosting a seminar or something a while ago, but other than stuff like that I can't think of any. In the meantime you might try becoming an intern with a marketing company with a strong digital media leaning or, if you have reliable internet, an online course along these lines http://www.diygenius.com/10-free-online-courses-in-social-media-and-inbound-marketing/
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ZimNinja offers digital online courses. check out the website http://courses.zimninja.com/

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Yes. You can get very good training from http://afrodigital.org.

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