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Is C++ suitable/appropriate for developing the software engineering tools for building user interfaces

asked Oct 4, 2014 in Software Development by anonymous  
just want to know the pros and cons of using c++ on building user einterfaces


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answered Oct 5, 2014 by nyasha  
Short answer yes .Given that the primary must-haves for any UI are (speed and a low memory foot print) so I find C++ the perfect (though not  the only) tool  job for the task mentioned .I think i should first stress that it is not the language that matters the most but the design of the software .A well designed software in  C++ can be re-written in Java/Python and vice-versa using the same design principles and yeild the same perfomance , any retarded perfomance is the result of the language's inherent abstraction penalties and implementation (compiled to byte code , garbage collector dependent) .Here are a few cons (+) and pros(-) which i find macro though there are some micro onces . +  Speed (The abstraction penalties in C++ are somewhat lower compared to those of other languages so your C++ UI code will execute faster  , and obviously your code will be executed on bare metal with no intermediate virtual machine to ship instructions to the CPU) + Memory (A C++ applications runs with little or no interaction with other processed so the total memory needed is quite low) - Non-native support for UI programming within the language  - Portablity (WORA (Write Once Run Everywhere) does not apply to C++ cause tou'll have to compile your code for every target-platform and this is a huge draw back if you want to target multiple platforms however there are workarouds that can mitigate this issue use crossplatforms API /Frameworks (Qt , wxWidgets ,...) and avoid direct or seperate OS calls) - Binary size can be quite large because of static linkage of APIs though you can always dynamically link them Other solutions for your task: Java but you have to think of the cons and pros i've mentioned above Python depends with the software's complexity Hybid (Java/C++ ,  Python/C (my fave ...)
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answered Dec 3, 2014 by stickfigure new here (290 points)  
pro #1 is that C++ is very fast, but that is rarely a consideration when it comes to UI. con #1 is the unnecessary complexity of C++, and the resultant lack of developers who know the language. For UI I would suggest WPF or HTML/CSS

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