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asked in Web by new here (290 points)
TechZim stupidly logs me in automatically using my FB, I have talked about this and it seems the owners of this site do  not respond because they dont want us logging out, better still how do I delete my account from this platform, coz you cant force us to remain on this, privacy stuff, please help coz this is defeating the whole purpose of the site being a tech thing when we cant do the simple stuff

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2 Answers

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answered by Guru (32.5k points)
Hey there,

We're sorry for the problem. There is no way to delete your account from the website currently. However, we can delete the account for you. I'll assume that's what you want and I'll go ahead and delete it at the end of the day today. Advise otherwise if you prefer to keep the account.

Thanks for being a user on the platform and contributing answers to felow users of the platform.

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answered by Guru (32.5k points)
We have just added the option to delete an account. Please go to your account profile, scroll down and click "edit profile" and then you will see the option to delete it.

Thanks again for being a member.
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