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Using OS Windows 7 pro 64bit Service pack 1 installed.
400 GB hard drive
300 GB Free space.
Try and make new partition for Windows 10 with a multi boot system, using windows disk management but failed, I think it need least 20GB to install Windows 10.
How do I make a larger partition?  Can i make a larger partition to install Windows 10 with disk management?

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No, you can not do it with disk management, Only make a larger partition with third-party software.
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Yeah, you can hey... All you have to do is:

1. Go to your start menu and right click the link for 'Computer' and click 'Manage'
2. The 'Computer Management' windows should popup. Locate where it says 'Disk Management. Once there, look at the middle, bottom column of the column.. You should see a listing of all the disk drives installed in your computer
3. Right click on your 400GB partition and click 'Shrink Volume'
4. A popup box should show up asking you to enter the amount you'd like to shrink in MB... Enter '20480' : That's exactly 20GB
5. After that click okay, after the message box closes, a black icon should be added and it should be labeled 'Unallocated Space'
6. Right click the 'Unallocated Space' and click 'New Simple Volume'... Follow through the prompts you get and enter 204840 MB as your partition desired size. Click okay and voila... You've got yourself a working partition

I hope this helped
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Hi, you can use Disk Management to extend a new volume for Windows 10. My Computer> Manage> Shrink a partition to 20GB which have much more free space> Create a new volume

Or you can use thrid-party tool like MiniTool Partition Wizard. You can use  the free edition. The function Resize/Move Partition is suitable to you, which is convenient and easy to operate.
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