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How to Recover Deleted Data From Nexus 6P

asked Oct 29, 2015 in Software by eileenfj0713 new here (260 points)  
edited Oct 29, 2015 by eileenfj0713
I performed factory reset on my Nexus 6 to improve its speed. Then as you can imagine all my contacts, photos, videos, messages are gone. I Google how to recover them, there are many data recovery tool recommended, wondershare, Nexus Recovery Mac.I am really confused, who can do me a favour.


3 Answers

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answered Mar 9, 2016 by lsvolppgg new here (140 points)  
edited Aug 22, 2016 by lsvolppgg
Accidentally or mistakenly deleted data from your android phone. Coolmuster Samsung Data Recovery enable you recover lost or deleted data/files from android phone .
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answered Sep 9, 2016 by Weiwei new here (220 points)  
Android Recovery has special advanced functionality to detect and recover your Android phone. With the help of this program, you can effortlessly retrieve files from from Nexus 6P.
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answered Feb 8, 2017 by lisaamy new here (360 points)  
Generally speaking, the deleted data were still saved on your phone, you can use an app to detect them on computer, try Coolmuster Android Data Recovery, it could detect your lost contacts and get them back.

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