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my I pad has a sim card but I cannot find a way to enter the recharge numbers and load airtime so that  I can use cellular data

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Use the dialer. You can always install one from the iTunes store.
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Use myeconet app from app store, that diller app yataurwa naGarikai Dzoma icrap. All u have to do is to load airtime paphone ,then wotransfare paIpad sim card. Myeconet is handy when it comes to buy/checking yo bundles/airtime balance.

Note: u have to insert yo ipad sim paneimwe phone inoder to recieve verification code

step by step in simple terms

1. Download myeconet on appstore
2. Insert yo ipad sim card paphone
3. Open myeconet app iripa ipad and enter yo (ipad sim) mobile number. (click balance if regestration pop up isinakubuda, thats the way I used to register)
4. Check verification code paphone then enter that code paIpad. Insert back sim card paIpad
5. Send airtime paIpad line and buy bundle of yo choice via my econet app ;-)
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Thanks a lot .. this seems to work, will try it straight away

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