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Need a software developer to set up crowdfunding portal and online directory in Harare

asked Jan 4, 2016 in Software Development by Tafadzwa  
Looking for credible mobile and web developer to set up interactive portal for a human resources company, an online directory and an equity crowd funding portal and a charity crowdfunding portal. My name is Tafadzwa and am reachable on 0775554408, 333299


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answered Jan 4, 2016 by anonymous  
hie. to be clear, these are 4 separate projects right?
well, the directory wont take time, it's generic realy.
the HR one, will be an app i think? not a website? generic also.

but the other two involve linking a payment system to the website. thats tricky, in Zim. you can link a website with a paypal account, but linking an eco-cash account could be problematic. but talking to econet, it will be doable.
im rambling. i sent you a text.

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