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Please proceed with caution otherwise you will end up with a brick!! l have one already sitting in my house check out this:


Whatever you do, do not not overwrite PIT(Partition Infor Table) like l did!!
It will be costly, and the only way of fixing it will be sending it back to Samsung, do not try those corner street guys.

l advise you to download Samsung Kiers and try the recovery option first. If you able to see your files, copy out anything you can get then try to recover.
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well, what did you do to it?
you did something.
is it a genuine samsung phone?
if so, you need a computer, usb cable and you need youtube.

the oficial firmware is around 1GB.
so go to youtube.com, and search for "update galaxy s3 firmware"
the video wil give you instructions and download links.

no matter what you do to your phone, the bin will always be intact and you can always re-awaken your phone using Odin.  that includes your Macdonald. you can get it up and running

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