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I think it's similar in concept to those shopping clubs from a while ago but on a scale big enough to get great discounts direct from suppliers. Would an online version with mechanics similar to https://www.massdrop.com/how-it-works work in Zim?

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yea, it would definitly work and actualy be a good idea to launch. How do we get in contact and get the framework of the system on paper?
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@ techspy007 I'm not a developer or anything, just a person who is jealous of all the great deals I keep seeing! This idea is in the public domain so if you believe you can make it happen, please go ahead. I'd be among the first in line!

As for my 2 cents worth: Everyone loves a discount. I guess my skepticism with this concept working in Zimbabwe is the ability to reliably gather enough buying bower to negotiate effectively for better rates, especially on big ticket items. For instance, would we be able to get, say, fifty to a hundred people together to convince HiSense to bring in UHD TV's from SA head office with a 20% discount on retail prices (or supplier rates)? A study of the business case would make for fascinating reading!

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