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I need to access to my iTunes backup to get back lost messages, but it's encrypted and I forgot my backup password, is there any way that could unlock iTunes backup?

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do a password reset on yo iCloud account. other than that you are screwed. apple is really big on security.
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No, I didn't set password on my iCloud account, but most of important data was saved in my iTunes backup, do you how to unlock iTunes backup?
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no sir/ ma'am. there is no way you can access the itunes backup without the password you set. nothing you can do.
may i suggest something like mSecure or other password managing app that stores all your passwords and all you have to do is rememba one strong master password. just dont store your back account password in there.
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Unlike iCloud password, which you can reset by contacting Apple Support, there is no other way to solve the problem unless correct password was found. However, you can try as many as you can to guess out the password. If you already did that, then you need a program to scan the password in that backup file.

Here is a step by step guide on how to do that, please check: http://www.iseepassword.com/forgot-itunes-backup-password.html
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1. Connect your iPhone to the computer with via a USB cable that your iPhone has trusted.
2. Launch iTunes. If you’ve synced your iPhone with iTunes, then no “enter password” is required.
3. iTunes will automatically sync your iPhone and create a backup file. If it doesn’t, you should sync your iTunes and create a backup file manually by in the Summary window.
4. In the Summary window, you can see the option “Restore iPhone”. Click it and follow prompts to choose the latest iTunes backup to restore your iPhone.
Reset iPhone Password via iTunes

After the restoration process is complete, your passcode will be erased and all your data will be restored from your backup. You will now be able to access your iPhone without any passcode. And you can set your new password on iPhone.

Feel free to know more methods about resetting password on iPhone. http://www.leawo.org/tutorial/how-to-reset-password-on-iphone.html

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