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the best mobile phone to use which is best or optimum in all aspects
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just get a phone with a long battery life. The phone with a battery that lasts the longest is better than that which runs out every 2hours

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what is the best shoe to wear in all aspects?
sandals? timmz? trainers? J's? boots?
what is the best car to drive in all aspects?
petrol? diesel? electric? sedan? 4x4? 4wd? rwd?

my point is life is not black and white. best and worst. if you are a movie geek, you need a big screen. if you are a camera guru guy, you need mega pixels. if you are a gamer, you need some serious gfx power. but you dont get a phone with all in one.  there are the balanced flagships that have a bit of it all, sans the samsung galaxy S1-6 range. the iphones. the Htc i dont know X summat?

if you can come up with a list of the top 5 uses for a smartfone for you, i can suggest a more direct suggestion.
best for what?
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Spot on it's like asking which is the best car.
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32If you can find it, the Motorolla Moto G 2015 is almost perfect. At around $200 it offers great specs and excellent battery.

Oh and there are always new manufacturers from China such as Xiomi, Meizu and Huawei under its brand called Honor. Excellent devices for under 200 which in some instances outperfom flagships which cost $1000
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