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asked in Computer Hardware by new here (220 points)
when i start my computer , i alway get the blue screen . it says something wrong with the hardware. or delete something recently. i can not know how to fix it. maybe i need to install a new system . anyone can help me ? thanks inadvance

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The blue screen you are seeing is called the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) You are seeing this because your computer has crushed. But to help you, i need to know what happend?
commented by new here (220 points)
i just install the sytem by myself , after that , i get the BSOD
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Hie there.

As with many people that seek to help you, I need to know

1. How long the problem has persisted?

2. Did your computer exhibit any abnormal symptoms before the BSOD?

3. Is the computer making any faint repetitive clicking sounds/noises from the area where the HDD is located?

Question 3 will determine whether or not your drive is failing and will need to be replaced in the very near future. It also helps nearly completely eliminate the possibility that it is a hardware problem.

Please respond when you can so I can help make a further diagnosis.
commented by new here (220 points)
when i install the system by myself . about  5 month

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