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What factors should i consider when choosing a hosting for my WordPress website. Should i stick with free WordPress hosting? or should i migrate to another hosting such as VPS or Shared?

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The better idea is to migrate to another WordPress hosting. I recommend Cloudways. It is a managed cloud hosting platform provider which offers agencies, small businesses and developers the chance to host their websites on top of the best cloud infrastructures, including DigitalOcean, Vultr, Google, and Amazon.
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You need to consider the cost of hosting vs the benefits of the website to you, your intention for starting the site, the number of visitors that you receive etc
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hello, i am offering free hosting to anyone on wordpress. call me if interested 0****
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****.com team will help you to get your Wordpress blog online in no time. They have best Wordpress hosting packages comes with preconfigured Apache, PHP, MySQL and other required components. Every client gets a free private SSL certificate for the Wordpress website with the option to add dedicatd IP at an additional cost. There shared hosting servers in India, UK, US and Romania are 100% optimized for running Wordpress website.
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You can choose Shared hosting service for hosting your WordPress websites, or suggest you choose WordPress optimized packages for professional wordpress website.

I always recommend HostSoch hosting provider for hosting wordpress sites, It is reliable and one of the most best choices while now in 2017.

Check their Wordpress hosting plans here: https://hostsoch.in/wordpress-hosting.html

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