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can i recharge my ADSL using a package higher or lower than what i signed up for and actuallly get it?

asked Jun 21, 2016 in Broadband by GBs, ninja bytes  
im on home basic but i will be needing more data soon and im thinking what if i buy a home premeum package to get more data with the prepaid juice cards from telone but im not sure if this would actually work.


1 Answer

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answered Jun 23, 2016 by macdonald.chipunza Guru (88,070 points)  
You can only change your contract by contacting Telone and ask them to move you to another package of yourchoice. Once your data runs out, l think your options will be to buy top up bundles.

Im not sure how flexible the telone systems are, but if you buy a bundle higher than  what you signed for, it either credit your account then put the extra bit left for your following month purchase, ie, credit your account or it rejects it totally if they use serial numbers to match packages.

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