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I am not sure why web dev has skipped this option they just give u a pdf that really does not solve the problem The template we have is for Virtuemart 3 and we want to use this. Where are the "developers in Zim" ?

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The PDF has a detailed API which you can use to create extensions/plugins for your site/CMS. Zimbabwe does not really have a strong eCommerce culture and in any case Woocommerce is favoured by those who are just starting out in the eCommerce arena as it uses WordPress. There is so much FOSS out there it would be unfair to expect people to develop plugins for each and everyone of these and for all its popularity and usefulness PayNow is really not PayPal. It is great but they need to focus their valuable time on plugins that most people might actually use instead of coding and hoping.

You can always hire a developer to create the plugin. It's php not rocket science and Joomla is a platform that a lot of people use so you should find plenty of developers even " Zim developers"
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There is plugin for Joomla! 3 and virtuemart 3 plugin:


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