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Could you furnish us with more details? Did it used to work and now doesn't? What is the specific model model of the tv? What did you try to fix it?

For now the best I can do is suggest you talk to Hisense Zimbabwe support@lifereimagined.co.zw
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I assume u need to watch it that much. well without much info, if your TV isn't malfunctioning i assume you may need an antenna
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The surest way to watch ZBC is to buy a DSTV decoder for around $25 in town. Install it and subscribe for DSTV's $11 Access package. You will get ZBC in the deal. You can choose not to pay your subscription on subsequent months. You will still get  ZTV no matter where you are in Zimbabwe. You will still get a rubbish picture but at least you will know it's as good as it gets.

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