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Yes but the RBZ and your Bank may have limits and you need to be aware of these limits.
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Yes, you can. Note you can also do so without having a bank account by using the Ecocash Virtual Mastercard (Generated through your Ecocash menu) and the prepaid Visa cards like the one issued by Banc ABC which is not linked to an account, but you have to deposit the money into the card.
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Yes, you can definitely make payments. I can confirm for Barclays Bank Visa card, I was charged $34.99 last Friday. For Steward Bank MasterCard I haven't made real payments in a while, but the verification holds still go through and I even get notified of the transaction.
If there have been any changes, maybe on Monday
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A lot of banks in Zim now offer debit cards with visa/mastercard/unionpay. All you need to  get one is your ID and $5 to open an account.

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