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asked by Guru (88.1k points)
Techzim is trying to make money out of their writing and so called specialised services, what is your take?

Are you willing to pay for such service?

How best do you  think Techzim is compared to others like Technomag?

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I think that will be so selfish and self-centered for techzim to " sell " news from their website. There are a dozen of tech website that publish news feeds for free ( eg the Verge, BGR, Tech radar, My broadband, Tech crunch, CNET reviews, Wired) . Besides most of the news on techzim website are extracted from the above tech websites but yet the authors of techzim fail to acknowledge them, yet they want to make people pay for their limited and plagiarized news. How unfair! If you want to close down your website because people are not willing to pay them please go ahead some local news are still free. ( Technomag)
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