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Can wookie and kodi work in Zimbabwe and how can I call you guys

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First of all Kodi does work in Zimbabwe as it should. But I have a feeling you do not know what Kodi is. It is an open source media player just like VLC only much more powerful. It allows you to play music,videos, view pictures and other media on your Android Phone, Windows PC, or Linux Computer.

You can add functionality to Kodi using little bits of software called addons. These addons allow Kodi to say download the lyrics of the song you are playing and show then on your screen so you can sing along, download subtitles so you can say watch a foreign language film etc. You can watch YouTube videos or Vevo videos from Kodi.

There is no limit to what you  can do using the addons. It is this fact that is often exploited by Pirates. Streaming pirates add third party unofficial and illegal addons that allow these so called preloaded boxes to play copyrighted material for "free" or in exchange for a fee. They are not authorised to do this and just like your weed dealer they can be around to cater to your needs for a fix for the next 20 years or they could be gone tomorrow.

So understand this:
1) Pirate streams are illegal and usually their being operational is not guaranteed.
2) These streams have nothing to do with Kodi. I should know because I use the official Kodi player.
3) They might work when you place the order but when the box reaches you, if it does reach you and is not intercepted by authorities along the shipping journey to you, it might still be working or not working

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