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I hope you guys can help. I follow your articles religiously and figured it wont hurt to ask.

So my phone has been acting up for about 4 days. It started with a notification from Google Play Protect about a harmful application called "Geocode Service may be harmful to your device and may give hackers access to your data".

This happened several times until yesterday, an incoming message notification went off for about 30seconds but no messages were coming in. Worried i was being hacked i immediately reset my phone but unfortunately today i started getting that Geocode service warning again. I have tried to track the source of this so called application but it's not installed on my phone neither can I find any information about it online or on Google PlayStore itself.

Any idea what it could be?
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Oh sorry but i didnt know about that application

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You should try booting in safe mode and unistalling the app. My suspicion is that this is not a hack but there is something wrong with your ROM try reflashing with a new ROM.

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