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Want to run on an Andriod Ice cream fone.

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PowerTel Internet settings are the same on all devices:

Dial number #777
username 111
password  111

Username and password can also take the following values
222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999.
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The question is what exactly do you want to do????
Firstly  I dont think we have CDMA network in Zim. Its American cell technology which we( the rest of the world) dont use. Our 3G GSM networks are much faster and have much wider coverage. Plus if you have a CDMA phone chances are that it will be carrier locked. And you cant use a CDMA phone on GSM networks.
What do you want to run on an android phone? What has powertel, which is a internet serivice provider got to do with your phone?Do you want to connect to internet through wifi?
So please give  some more details of what are you trying to achieve
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the CDMA phone should fall back to 3g assuming it has the 3g modem chip inside - CDMA isnt neccesarily slower than 3G GSM - it depends on the provider deploying it - its supposedly more reliable for higher sustained data rates

and actually the powertel network is a CDMA network not 3G

It sounds like he wants to put his powertel 3g broad band modem simcard in his phone and use it to connect to the internet on his phone
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CDMA carries more data on the same bandwith compared to gsm. Speed wise GSM (HSPA+) goes up to 28Mb/s. CDMA max is 15Mb/s. GSM is twice faster.
If the phone is bought in the US it is very unlikely that it will have a 3g modem to fall back to.
Well...he can try to put his modem simcard in his phone. I am sure we will hear if the phone has a 3g to fall back to or its a cdma only device.
I didnt know that powertel offers cdma localy........
we do have cdma, check out telone, powertel or africom.
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