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go to device manager....webcam...find out exactly what webcam your laptop has. Then download acordingly
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You can download and install HWinfo32, it will tell you every component on your netbook then download drivers accordingly
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You probably need to know thamanufacturer of youe webcam, nhava only assembles parts from different manufacturers so you need the brand name, and serach on the internet or look for someone using the same machine/webcam and clone the drivers
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i had a nhava minilaptop, just download cyberlink youcam or any other 3rd pary webcam software, your webcam will start working, i mean its working already but there isnt just the exact program to triggger its funtionality right now, so u need to install 3rd party software, normally webcam software comes bundled up with the OS when u buy a brand new laptop. Alternatively install windows 8. it has a built in webcam app but cyberlink has much more to offer, as for finding cyberlink software, remember google is a very good friend.
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You can get drivers from the webcam official sites. Generally, you use use common version drivers. As for me, I will use driver tool to install compable driver fastly. You can try to use Drive Talent which can download, update, install drivers for Windows! More: http://www.drivethelife.com/free-drivers-download-utility.html
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