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January has hit hard so now i am considering the unthinkable.

3ghz Core 2 duo processor
4gig memory
2x 500gig hd storage
500w Odin psu
Nvidia 9800 GT Graphics card
DVD writer
21.5" LG monitor

PSU, processor, ram, motherboard, monitor and 1 drive are just under 2 years old. The rest of the system is left over from previous upgrade. And in case this is a dead end, what's the going rate for kidneys?

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you will roughly get the price others are suggesting. i think $300 or less is more fairer. all the other prices are for new Laptops.
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"And in case this is a dead end, what's the going rate for kidneys?" rofl!!!

Not a dead end at all. Maybe put it on classifieds (or Dipleague) with a negotiable price of $650?
Asking on your behalf you on our FB page as well...
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is that E6850 or E8400, I those chips now go for less than $60,
Ram I take it its DDR2 (how many sticks/make?) I assume its 1x4gb - that could be $50 - 60,
PSU 500w -   $20 or less,
9800 GT (is this the 512 or 1gb one) 512-$40/1gb-$60
21.5" monitor - $100
These prices are based on the lowest ebay prices as of today so - I think $500 - $550 would be a good start
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Thanks Soul, INdaba and cmzizi for your answers, I now have a place to start. macdonald thanks for saving my question from the 'hidden' hell!
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If its a core duo then its old. Probably yu can sell it for $500-$600 try advertisin on classifieds.
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It could be old but it has a 3ghz 2core duo processor. Thats not a joke.The price our friends r suggesting is fair but I doubt you will get it. One can buy a new laptop/pc for about 500-00. So think again before you sell
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It should be $250

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