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download an app called bbsak then get a phone with the apps u need...any other blackberry phone...using the bbsak app..do an app backup....that app backup saves the apps in .cod and .alx format.. u can then use these apps on any other bb.... u can contcat me if u need cod files..i have plenty of them.... u can also try downloading apps...but not in .cod format from m.handango.com
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can you please contact me ASAP need help
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can you please give me aerize card loader if u hav????
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Nowhere but mayb if you look for apps in zip/rar
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I will assume u want to download via PC.
U can get opera mini in .cod format from www.opera.com
Themes from www.mobile9.com ,but in the .rar format,as soon as u extract the .rar u get the themes in .cod format.
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