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I have been thinking of hiring an SEO company to improve my rankings in Google Search. Do you guys have any tips on how to choose the best SEO company?

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Please it will be nice if you are being genuine and contact the admin to advertise your website. Frederick12 or Schwartz you are the same person using different names.

We want this place to be for real questions and answers. Such acts will get you blocked and banned.
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theres much to think about when looking for SEO work

If i were you, i would recommend getting your site designed and developed with good SEO principles from the start - too many design companies just chuck a template theme up, tweak it a bit and release it to a client as a finished article - i personally for one don't like this practice for many reasons, but here are my main ones:

1) its very unlikely to be actually unique or be coherent with the branding of the company/person
2) most (not all) templates tend to suck at there SEO  basics meaning you are penalising your self from the outset, in either never ranking as high as you could or the fact you then need to hire someone to do SEO work (i wonder how many of the "template" companies sell SEO as an added extra service)
3) most templates (again not all) often lack security fore-thought or best practices for the framwork (wordpress/joomla/drupal) and once a hack has been found on another sites template - its likely yours could be vulnerable to the same hack too
4) most sites/templates i see in Zim are using Joomla (and old versions at that which is a huge security hole) and Joomla has historically just been really bad at SEO

that all said, if you are stuck in the situation that your "SEO" is bad because of bad build from the start, and you need an SEO guy, make sure you get the following:

1) proven track record - should be a good number of testimonials from genuine companies (not all there own) with measured before and after reports
2) they dont use black hat methods that ultimately back fire on you (eg loss of ranking)
3) they dont do anything "spammy" in nature
4) avoid link building - it ultimately doesnt really gain anything, and proper link building takes time and careful vetting - dont go to a guy saying i can get you linked from x sites in y days/weeks, its just spammy and does more damage than actual good
5) make sure they get the basics right on your site (eg keywords, description, good URL's etc, deal with old links by redirecting to new urls) etc

if you are using WordPress i cant recommend the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, enough its a great tool at making any non SEO friendly theme SEO friendly and improves your rankings

Other Wordpress Themes/Template systems that are known to be good for SEO (my personal opinion)
WooThemes (any of there themes) - they were also recently Sucuri audited and passed for security standards and best practices
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Dont worst your breath on this one anthonysomerset, this one is a spammer trying to promote his her website, bt detailed answer. Good one!
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    There are plenty of SEO companies available in online.You need to choose the best one.It is hard to find the best SEO service provider.I would suggest some points to select best SEO provider.
1.Search in Google or Yahoo for SEO search.
2.Select five providers among them.
3.Compare those providers with each other.
4.Read reviews about them and customer rating of the companies.
5.Find out the company existence.
6.Consider their SEO services,plans,features and price.
   By following this simple points I have found the site  http://www.tucktail.com/search-engine/seo-services.aspx?ci=1808&prog_id=447401  as they are providing the best SEO service world wide .
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Over the internet there are lots of websites claims that they provide best SEO services at cheap price. However, without knowing what the working strategies they follow to perform SEO, you cannot make a right decision. These days there are various changes introduced by search engines and have declared lots of sources as spam. Hence while choosing a firm you need to evaluate such things and look for some companies like http://www.linkshake.co.il/search-engine-optimization/ and other that follow White Hat SEO rules and give priority to recent trends while doing promotions. As you have mentioned one website name here, I think first you should check their background and their work then move on further.
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Tips to choose the best SEO company:
4.customer support
If you want best SEO service,then i would suggest the site http://www.......com/seo-tool/ . Here  you can get all your requirements.Then you can also get  more traffic for your website, promote your website on Google,Yahoo and Bing search Engines.This is reliable and secure.
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Hi there. There are a lot of things to consider in hiring an SEO company but you should look into the background of those companies that you are looking to hire to see how they perform with their other clients. A good company must be able to produce results and avoid getting penalized for keyword spamming.
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