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My data usage from whatsapp has suddenly gone through the roof! My own usage pattern hasn't changed, I don't even leave data open all day but somehow whatsapp has chewed through 20MB since the start of the month, according to my Data Manager app. Last month whatsapp used 4MB - in fact it has never been higher than 5MB for a single month. I have not been downloading any picture or media above what I normally do - less than normal in fact. Stranger still is the fact that whatsapp itself says I've only ever had 18.7MB Network Usage - and thats in TOTAL, not just for one month.
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My whatsapp has consumed 373mb in 5 days.. I am using an android phone.. I think my Whatsapp got automatically updated & since then I am facing this problem. I have sent a report & also commented about the same but it remained the same.. Finally i had to uninstall it

Does anyone have a solution to it?

P.S.: I have tried installing it again, it doesn't wrk
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It just cleaned 11mb out of my data about an hour ago - no warning, no reason, but both data counters on my phone (Onavo Count and My Data Manager)  are showing thats its whatsapp. I have sent them a report before, this is how they replied:


Thanks for your message.

Sending and receiving messages, pictures, audios and videos with WhatsApp is free, just like sending an email internationally or browsing the web is free. To get the best experience with WhatsApp, we recommend that you have an adequate data plan for your mobile phone or restrict your data usage to Wi-Fi.

Also, please note that you can only use WhatsApp to contact other WhatsApp users (we currently support iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia and Blackberry devices).

You need to have an internet connection in order to use WhatsApp -- either a data plan or a WiFi connection.

If you have limited data plan, you can monitor your usage by going to WhatsApp > Settings or About > Usage. Lastly, please note that there is no calling feature on WhatsApp; therefore, your mobile carrier rates apply for phone calls. Please also consult with your carrier about using your data plan internationally or while roaming.

When I have checked the usage counter INSIDE whatsapp, its never reported or show the excess data consumption. The numbers in there are in keeping with my typical audio/images downloads. Which makes me suspect it must be auto updating or something - but I cant find any option in the settings for that.
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I have the exact same problem. WhatsApp used 20MB of data within one day, this happened several times now. Usually when I upgrade WhatsApp (by downloading it from the website, and then installing it on my phone), the data usage stops. I'm almost certain the huge downloads are for upgrading the app - they really need to just make it optional. This month it cost me double the amount I would spend on SMS's and the only reason I'm still on there is because my friends prefer to talk through this medium. WhatsApp really need to get this fixed, or another more competent chatting service will take over.
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Same thing is happening to me -R50 in 2 days - i'm pissed - all my airtime is gone  - this sucks piles!!!

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Guys the answer is the chat backup option which sends enormous data daily backing up your conversation and everything so it uses so much data if you to reduce go to - chats - chat back up - change daily to ur choice
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That's nothing. It used 248 mb in half an hr and I wasn't even using it. All of a sudden my phone said I'd exceeded my daily budget.  Third time it's happened, needless to say I deleted the app.
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Please open data usage and tick the restricted data usage box.
Then everything shall be fine
It might be a bug in the system.
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When Whatsapp spikes a data usage, it's the background backup that is causing it. You likely find it happening when you just connect you data/wifi. It is set to do this monthly automatically, as well as over wifi, unless you've changed the settings. Go to Settings in whatsapp, chats, and then Chat backup to change it.

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