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Skype, blackberry 8520

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8520 is a bit too old buddie.... i stand to be corrected but i dont think it supports skype, primarily coz it ha no secondary camera...anyways u could try appworld..however if u are in Zim it doesnt work....try m.handango.com it ha a lot of free bb apps available for download...
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Skype for BlackBerry only works on Rogers US, if you want any other you can use third party applications. though the BlackBerry 10 does support Skype on any carrier
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Skype doesn't support the older BlackBerrys. However you can look for IM+ on the internet. It allows you to make Skype calls (I think) although you'll need fabulously fast internet -- with an 8520, it means a good wifi connection --  to be able to use it.
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