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I've had my GTel Andy 702 for 3 months moving from my HTC wildfire. It's an ok-ish phone but i really miss the perks i had on my rooted HTC. So has anyone succesfully rooted a GTel Andy 702 or  any GTel android phone? I'm not new to the android ecosystem and hacking so dont hold back any info you might have
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yes i successfully rooted 2 gtel phones
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look for cellzone on facebook the pic is a green cheapset
have done alot of zim android phone am based in hwange zim my name is cuthbert moyo
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2bullets, how did you go about it?

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Sorry I have not rooted one before but you mentioned wildfire which just yesterday I was struggling to apply a CM9 ROM but my wireless always stoped working. Would you like to share your experience with wildfire. Mine is an S A510e marvel. Thanks.
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Yep I once rooted my friend's gtel phone.Get me on facebook Thomas Mastermind Mabika...(with the awkward pic) will give you links and tell you more.

Also about CMW.
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