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I know this might sound stupid...but i am a zimbabwean, recently i won free year hosting at a give-away...the offer was expiring in 3 days....and since it was Easter and zimhosts and other web-hosts/domain name registrars were down...for the holiday...(tried visiting their sites and buy online however it seems that functionality hasn't been made available yet) Anways i had no option but to register a new domain with go daddy...for an astonishing 10 bucks online....anways since go daddy doesnt offer .co.zw and at that time i was convinced .com was better than.co.zw coz i intend to be international .....however now i am not so sure...and i wonder what it is that i might have lost by choosing.com over .co.zw...are there any advantages etc....and my site is gonna be a blog...yeah..something of the sort....

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from a technical perspective there are no differences except in registration and nameserver update processes

the only difference mainly is an aesthetic one

using a .co.zw domain localises your site in some respects, for example google will generally favour your site compared to a .com domain in zimbabwe, but outside zimbabwe it would likely favour the .com domain

for a blog it wont make any massive difference having one or the other, the com will just be easier to manage and is more portable in future
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Just to scare you, .com domains are controlled by USA, so if Uncle Sam sees something he doesnt like he can have it taken down without asking you.

 But if you have a .co.zw Uncle Sam have no power to do that, instead it will be th Zim government which can take it down if they dont like it.

In other words, the last letters reflect country of jurisdiction the domain resides and you should know rules which governs websites in those countries so that you dont fall fowl to the law.
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very good point - it shouldnt be a problem though unless your doing/hosting anything thats related to piracy/copyright infringement and the media companies go after you
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Like they can really do that? i mean does that kind of thing get to happen?i mean does it happen a lot...with the execption of extreme cases like torrents and violence ?in which ase America is a bit more democrratic than ZImbabwe  hence its a plus
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yes they can - demonoid.com is a perfect example, before they shutdown they had to move to demonoid.me because of this exact reason

in the USA it still has to be done by the book and with the correct due process but media companies have been successful at forcing domain registrars to take down domains or change there nameservers to take sites offline by getting appropriate court orders
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Its not about democracy, its about laws of the land. So before you start your website or blog, you need to very clear about what you about to start and how it measures to the laws of your hosting country.
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Just to add that, USA can have you arrested and sent to them regardless of your nationality, like what they are trying with that Megaupload guy (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Dotcom )
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hehhehehe...i dont think our President would allow them to take me away....lol....well....what a tight world we live in...
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.co is the second level domain in the internet .  .co.zw is the county code yop level domain for Zimbabwe . By comparing both of the extensions, .co is better . Choose a good domain name and extension for your website /blog  and check whether it is available or not by using http://www.9cubehosting.com/ .
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.co itself is also a gTLD and available at the top level (its generally assumed to be for companies as is co.zw)

PS please stop advertising when its not called for, its not relevant to the discussion
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I'm not advertise any  sites here . Usually, i have used the site 9cube for  checking domain name availability. That's why i have shared it here .
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